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Why are Bearly Legal Delta-8-THC Cigarettes the best D8 Smokes anywhere? HHC WHAT!?  NICOTINE & HEMP? WHAT!?

  • 50mg Delta-8 in Every Cigarette
    • After extensive R&D, we found that 50mg is the highest quantity of Delta-8. We could fit in a single cigarette without negatively impacting the evenness of the burn or cause spotting on the paper.
    • In terms of effects - 50mg is also the goldilocks number. While 50mg may seem high per cigarette, smoking delta-8-THC is not the same as eating it. In a gummy, 50mg would be solid; however, it is a lovely, even-keeled functional buzz in a cigarette. This dosage delivers the perfect amount of effects in a perfectly consistent burn every time, every cigarette.